Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I've been totally slacking when it comes time to blog... and almost everything else these days! However now that spring is here I'm hoping that'll change!
I've been making serious progress on my Sherry Sometimes blanket! I've gotten about half my circles appliqued on!

My Juggernaut blanket is coming along very slowly. I have to do some serious machine applique learning to get those circles just right. So far I get anything but circles.

I've also been working on a Guild Along Block Party Quilt. Its coming along nicely. Aside from the fact that I squared my blocks to 6 inches rather than 6.5 but I figure as long as I make that same mistake all the way through it should be fine. I'll just have to add some sashing and maybe a border or something if its a lot smaller than I was hoping for.

I've also got the material to start a baby blanket for a friend's baby and the materials to make another Boo Davies quilt for someone that my sister works with!

I have also been doing a lot more working out! Stairs are evil!!! My running is coming along. I did still have some knee issues but after making LB watch me run from all angles it seems like it might be form issue. So the stairs should help build up some good muscles and concentrating. All that comes down to slower runs while paying attention. All things that I should be able to do without too much torture!