Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Bed Plans

Yesterday we got fantastic news! We are getting a new bed!! What!! What!! A new bed!!! And it's gonna be a king sized bed which will perfectly fit my blanket plans!!!
And I finished the stitch work on my baby blanket gifts. Now tomorrow I will hopefully be attaching them to their knitted blankets. More pictures to follow!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stitching Madness

Everyone I know seems to be having babies lately and I'm 100% excited for all of them! So I've been cracking the whip on my poor sister and has been making her knit baby blankets. And I believe that she has finished all of them now. Now it's my turn. I'm stitching little corner patches with names and a small design. I would like to get two maybe three done this week so I can get them to their rightful owners next week!
This one is for one of my oldest friends.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Tools

The scissors in the middle are my newest pair of scissors. I love them! I also have my wrist pin cushion (its very useful in keeping pins out of LBs body, he doesn't really go for that pierced look). And the blue case there is where I store all my EEP pieces that have been basted. I have another ones for the pieces waiting to be basted. They're just little photo holders from Michael's craft store. They go on sale super cheap and they are super easy to throw in my bag if I wanna take my craft with me when I go out. I also keep an extra pair of scissor and back up thread and needles in there just in case. And I guess I should mention my Thread Heaven. Thats the tiny blue cube. I'm still on the fence with this. It did help when I was using the Satin Embroidery Floss from DMC.

One of life's simple joys... Fabric

My spoils from yesterday. These will all be made into bunches for my quilt. I'm ubber excited for the blue fabric with the Elephants. That will make the bedding truly special for me and LB! I cannot wait to show him one of those flowers! I also bought a charcoal grey color just for the edge and the Spaces between my flowers that need to be filled in to complete the pattern I want! Very excited for this! I cannot wait to start putting pieces together!

I also picked up this fabric! I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with it but I love Winnie The Pooh and the whole gang! I love that he has his head stuck in the honey pot and that there are little bees buzzing around him. I'm extremely happy with this find! Thanks to my sister who pointed it out... or I think thats how it happened!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A wicked Saturday

Today has been awesome! I woke up and it was sunny! Yup, finally some sun! Then I did some stinky house work, lazed on the couch, then went shopping! I got new fabric! I'll post pics tomorrow! I got new scissors (I have a serious scissor issue! I love scissors!) and then I came home and LB and I went out for a training walk. We did just over 2 miles and his leg is acting up so we stopped. Then we went shopping again. The running room was closed... So no new shorts... But I did go to Michaels and got these awesome clips that I'm in love with! I love Saturdays off!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Deer after my run!

I went running on Wednesday and after one the way home when I was downing water we saw a deer crossing. Which reminded me of the deer at the very end of my run as I crossed the parking lot to my car and LB (who sadly had to stop running early because if an injury). Then I rushed to get my phone and got a better picture than two giant deers! And mama deer and her baby!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awesome Bug Photos

I went out to take photos of this butterfly that was in my backyard and then I missed it but I found some bees and a fly! I love the two bees that are flying above the flower. Thanks again to my dad and step mom for the new camera lens! :) I LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mushroom flower Wednesday

Today was supposed to be a gardening day but the weather didn't hold up for that. I did get a lot done though. I cleaned up my house and went running and spent some time playing with my new camera lens in the garden. I took some fantastic photos of a fly and a bee. I also got this flower done. So all in all success! 

A Day In The Garden

These guys all grow in my backyard garden. I just planted it a couple years ago so this year I think I'll get a ton of flowers and growing things. I'm also getting a lot of grass and extra weeds in there. Hopefully it'll be a nice enough day that I can get out there and mow the lawn and weed weed weed! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

1/2 Marathon complete

Yesterday I ran walked the Manitoba 1/2 marathon with LB. we finished in about 2:45. Going by my clock. Our official time is listed as 2:51. But I'll take it! Under 3 hours!
So now its back to full time training and preparing for the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon in September. Hopefully we can knock it down to under 2:30. Here's hoping/training/eating right and staying healthy! And spending a lot of time recovering and crafting with everyone here!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One Flower Wednesday

I'm not 100% sure that this flower is purple enough to count as purple. But I'm gonna wait and see when I get more pieces done.

What is Lost must be found!

Today while watching Dexter on Netflix with LB he suddenly exclaims that something poked him on the top of his foot! That's right bloggers! I can predict the future! He found my favorite needle! I'm sure all needles were not created equal and that sucker is my preferred one! It was the perfect length! And now its back! Safely in my wrist pin cushion! WIN! Thanks LB for finding that for me!


I took a short walk break at work and took some flower pictures while I was out there

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Plan!

So I'm spending time updating all you folks on the project because I seem to have miss placed my needle. Although I'm sure it will show up in LB (BF)'s foot, or butt, or elbow etc. As long as Jasper doesn't find it all will be good! I spent the night with my sisters awesome pencil crayons and mapped out my quilt. The width is all accounted for 23 flowers, then the length will be double what it is in the picture bringing it to 24 flowers.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Flower Wednesday Part 2

Yesterday I was at the dentist and there was this great picture that my dentist's partner (the other dentist who works in the building, not life partner) took. It was a great shot of this beach with a palm tree and a rainbow. It inspired me to finish one of each of the solid colored flowers for my quilt for my One Flower Wednesday posting today. 
So I did manage to get one of each color completed for my post today. I had all these great ideas about taking a photo of them on the grass (which I freshly mowed yesterday) under the bright sunlight. And then the day got in the way. It was Tim Horton's Camp day, so I went there a few times to get coffee and help them raise money to send kids to Camp. And I played with my beasty boy, see part one for photos. And I went to Chapters to see if they had any good books on EPP. They didn't have a single book! Like WTF? A whole row for knitting, another for crochet and very very little for hand stitching. Disappointed I was. (If anyone knows any good books please comment and let me know. I would love to get one or two.) 
Although my biggest distraction was The Big C on Netflix, I was trying to not watch the show because it seemed like one I would really get emotionally involved in. I should have followed my gut. What an amazing show! 

One Flower Wednesday Part 1

My bunches guardian!

Garden Update

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soft Kitty

 I stitched this pillow case set a little while ago now. And today as I worked out adding things to my side bars I saw this guy on my Etsy Page and thought that I would share him with you and maybe my Instagram (which I just started today) sherry_bscrafts if you'd like to follow me.

Crazy Math!

I think I might need a lot fewer flowers than originally thought. I'm gonna redo the math and look up a few more websites for king sized blankets dimensions.

Friday, June 1, 2012


(I'm sorry that I can't link the picture to its owner. But I do love it!)
Yesterday was new fabric day. It looks like I was in a green phase! I bought some other colors but I bought three different greens. The chatty lady who cut all my fabric was super nice and encouraging. So then I was thinking about how I actually wanted to lay my pattern out. And WHAM!!!! Overwhelmed in 2.2 seconds when I realized that I am going to be making 900!!!! flowers. 30 per row, 30 rows. OMG and that's just the front!
Kept sewing and got to thinking. 30 sounds like a doable number. Yes I could do thirty. Then I should be able to do 30 rows of 30. I'll just do it one row at a time. I can do this! If I can run a marathon I should be able to stitch a blanket. I'm getting faster when I do the stitching so by the time I'm 85 I'll have my nursing home blanket complete. Just kidding! I'm going to try to get it done within the next year or so. This month I turn 29 so I'll try to have it done by the time I'm 30 (or at least one side of it)