Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Progress Update

I am working on my Scrappy Tripalong still!! It is coming along amazingly! 
Piecing on my bed which was the only place I had enough room!
All together lying on my living room floor!
The back! One giant block with a top and bottom piece. 
Basting with the help from my bestest buddy! 
I have started to quilt. And I bought a new sewing machine!!! I love Haducky the Janome!! He is amazing!! 
I'll try to post more pictures soon!! My phone keeps complaining about being too full for more pictures! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I've actually been getting a lot of crafting done the last few days. I have decided that I am going to restart my English Paper Piecing quilt. My other one was a bit of a pain because my original template wore out and so I was trying to get a new one of the same size. Plus I was hand cutting them all out which lead to numerous errors along the way. I'll just my completed hexies for other projects. 
So I did get two of those flowers competed. 
This one reminds me of my two nieces who recently picked the last few remaining strawberries off the plants at my parents house. 
And I have one more done but I'm going to hoard it until one flower Wednesday. 
Last night I also did some work on my Scrappy Tripalong quilt 
Hoping that this now gives me some much needed motivation to keep working. 
See you all soon 


I was saving my flowers for today!! And then I almost missed it!!! 
So with a little bit of explanation... I bought a Fiskar's Hexagon Puncher!! It's amazing!!! LOVE IT! So I've got them going.... 

Yup!!! That's three and it's 
Days until I get married!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today's Objectives

Today I would like to get a back sewn for my disappearing nine patch blanket. And I would like to get it sandwiched too. And I would like to get started on my Santa's Scrappy Trip Along! 
I also have a 6 mile run to do... A little treadmill time! Hopefully it goes better than my last couple treadmill runs... Stupid treadmill 👹😡👹😡

Cross of run! It was a wee bit slower than I wanted but I'll take it! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Projects projects projects

I've been super busy the last couple days. I've been a little lazy with the working out but I have done some running and some stairs and I have been walking at least thirty minutes every day. Back again tomorrow to try to do the 30 minutes of intense working out tomorrow. 
Tomorrow I am going to do a quilt back for the high river quilt. I've been meaning to do it the last couple days but I haven't gotten there because I've been carpet cleaning and trying to rearrange a new sewing area. My last one has been taken over by a TV with the great living room shuffle of 2013. 
Currently I'm waiting for my printer to give me the Scrappy Trip Along instructions. I'm super far behind in the project I know. Most people were blogging this quilt a year ago. But my sister made one and I LOVE hers. And every time I see it I think about stealing it. So I've decided that I am going to make one... But mine is going to be christmas and winter fabrics. My jelly rolls arrived this morning! So I'm calling it Santa's Scrappy Trip Along! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back To The Blog

Now that summer is coming to an end I have a feeling I'll be back at the blogging! I've had a couple really great busy successful days! 
Yesterday I started my Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. I got all my nine patches sewn together and then I got them cut into quarters. I forgot to take photos because my phone was dead and my iPad was playing music. 
I also did 108 flights of stairs. Which means that I can walk up to the chapel in the stratosphere where I am getting married in about 5 weeks! (Holy crap time goes by sooo fast) I also ordered my necklace and earrings for my wedding day! WIN! 
Today was another super busy day. I went out to coffee this morning with *LB* and then home to clean the carpet in my bedroom and the hallway and the top two stairs and the landing! I then sewed the quilt top. I'm a super fan of the quick and fun disappearing nine patch!
 Then I ran for 36 minutes on my treadmill. I've started to try to do at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Day 2 a success! 
Now off to plan something for dinner! I promise I'll get some better pictures of my quilt top up soon!!

Ps! For everyone whose been following you know I have a love for the dodgers and they have clinched the western division! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Long Time Gone!

A million and two "Sorrys"!!! I didn't realize that so much time was going by! A lot has been happen. Some I can't share just yet but some I can.

I've been working on a Fence Rail Blanket for *LB*'s birthday gift. I have until the end of June to get it finished!!! So far so good! I have two more squares to finish embroidering (well really 1.5 but if I say two and tell you I finished them I feel like I've gotten farther along than I have) which isn't too bad considering its a super secret and so far I don't think he has any idea its coming!!! I've got all my top quilt blocks assembled and they are in rows so hopefully after I finish the corner blocks I can finish the quilt top today.

I've also been working on a top secret project which I can't say anything about yet. But soon I promise I will spill and include pictures!

The other thing that has taken a large portion of my time lately and is the really exciting news... *LB* and I got engaged!!! It happened in May and we are getting married on our 11th anniversary on October 25, 2013. We're getting married in Las Vegas so it should be a super good time. And with a family like mine I'm sure it will be the best day and weekend ever! My unofficial Official wedding planner is a super giant amazing help! I hope she knows that too :) So I'll have to dust off my air miles cards because between now and then I have a lot of traveling to do. This month I'll be heading to Calgary to go Dress shopping! After that in July we are heading to Washington DC to see the Dodgers play the Nationals! Super pumped for that and all the museums there! In August we are most likely having our Wedding Social (Which one of my amazing friends is planning for us!!!BIG BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU FOR THAT), then rumor has it in September I'm going to Vegas for a conference (I don't have the official word on that yet). Then wedding in October!!

Now off to work on his blanket I shall go!!! I'll add pictures later!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I've been totally slacking when it comes time to blog... and almost everything else these days! However now that spring is here I'm hoping that'll change!
I've been making serious progress on my Sherry Sometimes blanket! I've gotten about half my circles appliqued on!

My Juggernaut blanket is coming along very slowly. I have to do some serious machine applique learning to get those circles just right. So far I get anything but circles.

I've also been working on a Guild Along Block Party Quilt. Its coming along nicely. Aside from the fact that I squared my blocks to 6 inches rather than 6.5 but I figure as long as I make that same mistake all the way through it should be fine. I'll just have to add some sashing and maybe a border or something if its a lot smaller than I was hoping for.

I've also got the material to start a baby blanket for a friend's baby and the materials to make another Boo Davies quilt for someone that my sister works with!

I have also been doing a lot more working out! Stairs are evil!!! My running is coming along. I did still have some knee issues but after making LB watch me run from all angles it seems like it might be form issue. So the stairs should help build up some good muscles and concentrating. All that comes down to slower runs while paying attention. All things that I should be able to do without too much torture!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stitchy Tuesday

At least once a week I would like to do a post about Embroidery, hand embroidery, to be more specific. I really enjoy making things this way. I normally do things on pillowcases and tea towels for my Etsy site B.S. Crafts or for friends. I don't normally hang on to a lot of the things that I embroider but I do have some that friends have made for me.
This week I would like to share a project that I've been working on for a while. Mostly because I was slacking so they took me a lot longer than they should have. But I did finish them this weekend and I will be going to the post office with them later today.
My brother got married on December 31, 2012. So aside from the "Presentation" that we gave them I thought it would be nice to give them something embroidered. Now if you know my brother communication isn't his strongest skill. So I didn't have a lot of information about the wedding. Then he asked me to do a speech with my sister *K*. (WE KILLED IT!). So I tried to get more information about the wedding and the only thing that he would tell me was that there was a website with the information and that the wedding colors were "Peacock!"
So here's what I came up with

The feather picture was my reference point and the next picture was me getting started while I was on the airplane flying home after the wedding. 
 Side by side, you can see that the feathers are colored a little bit differently. But I actually really like how the heart turned out. I wasn't sure when I first started. I also have to thank my sister *B* and my niece for helping pick out the colors.
 Finished, washed, ironed and waiting to be packed up and shipped away!
Close up of one of the pillowcases. I hope they're loved in their new home!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Book!

I think I am going to try to make a blog a month about one of the quilting books that I have gotten.
I love buying new quilting books. I find it helps me get new ideas for future Projects and it also helps me learn new things. As someone who hasn't taken a quilting class and is very green in the world of crafting.
I by no means know anything about writing a book or critiquing books. I just know what I like about books. So I'll tell you all those things. And who knows maybe you'll like the same things. Or see a book that you haven't seen before because I've learned that not all book stores are created equal... So that being said Here goes nothing!
This week I had an orthodontist appointment! (Less than a year left with these braces) I went to the book store there and found "Modern Patch Work" by Elizabeth Harrman! I love the Hexagon blanket on the cover to begin with. And it after a look through I loved the way she showed an idea for the back of the quilt and the different color options!
After reading through I love the instructions and her general color choices. I also really like the pictures in the book. They're interesting. They show off the quilts really well and let you see the amazing quilting.

Pictures from Yesterday

Friday, February 22, 2013

Stomach Flu & Sewing!

After two days of being super sick and then one of being half sick and trying to convince myself to get over it I have a major update for my blog...


Yay me!! Now it's time for PVR'ed Suits (see how sick I was! I didn't even watch it when it was on regular TV!) and sashing time! I've never sashed before!

I'll post some more pics throughout the day!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Let The Progress Continue!

After some serious Candy crush & Youtube time its time for me to get back to work! After all the progress I had yesterday I'm gonna try to keep the good times rolling! I am going to try to get a few of my units put together into blocks. Although I think I might make my units bigger by attaching them  together and then continue doing that until I have a full and complete block. Wish me Luck!

I've gotten THREE blocks completed!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Whoa! A Great Lot Of Progress!

I had to show you all that I actually got done today! I'm actually amazed by myself! My sister was amazing and ironed all my units!

Cutting Machine!

Yesterday I spent the first part of my morning finishing sewing the strips together for Sherry Sometimes Blanket. Then I went to work cutting those strips into the correct measurements. Now I have tiny mountains of pieces all over my sewing desk and I have a few more strips to cut. It shouldn't be that long until I am all set to start sewing units! I just love that I get to say Units all the time.
I hope to get to the point where I am sewing blocks today but I'm not 100% sure that I will get that far. It might take me a while to sew all the pieces together. *Fingers Crossed*
I would also like to do some work on my Juggernaut Quilt! (Its for my cat, Jasper, who also answers to Juggers, Juggernaut, Jassy-Jas, House Leopard and a few other names). Its going to go into the "Man room" which is LB's answer to my craft room. Really not a lot happens in there. I don't think LB goes in there very often. But Jasper LOVES to sleep up there on the futon. The 3rd floor gets super warm here so he goes up there at night or during the day for his siestas! 
I found the pattern on Pinterest and its one from Moda Bake Shop. And my awesome sister The Purple Quiltapotamus sent me some scraps and a charm pack! Which made me even more excited to get started on that one. I'm also trying to be super patient and wait for my new rulers from Busy Bee Inc's Etsy Shop. It may kill me to wait! I'm hoping that they get here soon. I ordered the circle ones. I might have to go back and order a couple of the other shapes later!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Live & Candy Crush

I'm on days off, Today and Yesterday, however I am not getting a lot done. I've been sucked in to Candy Crush on Facebook and Live on Youtube! Before I know it I've been sitting at my desk for a an hour and a half. Yesterday I actually forgot that I threw clothes in the washer. (Thank god I don't live in an apartment! I would have found my clothes thrown some where in the laundry room this morning when I finally made it back to the washer to put switch to the dryer)

There is just something amazing about Ed's voice and the band as a whole! And on you tube you can find whole concerts! How could I walk away from 1:20 minutes with him? Thats right!?! I can't! Maybe after I can actually get up. Go get my clothes from the dryer and get out the door. I have mail to send and coffee to get at Starbucks, I have to go to the bank to put checks in. Thank you work for my bonus! It paid for a portion of my tattoo last week! Which I still 100% love this week! I love it even more when I see sunsets on TV. Like the one on Suits!
I've also been looking for a new show to watch on Netflix or to Download and watch! I get a lot more embroidery done when I have a show that I can watch while I stitch. Same with my EPP (Which has been mighty neglected lately)

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Big Reveal!

Tattoo day was yesterday and I went to Living Canvas tattoo shop in Winnipeg and my appointment was with Derek! (Who is awesome! Just in case you wanted to know!) and he did a super wicked amazing awesome job! I am 100% in love with my tattoo! THANK YOU DEREK!!!

This one was taken a few minutes after he did the last bit of ink. You can see how red it looks!

This one is a few hours later.

 Both photos were taken with my iphone. Once someone else gets up and has some time I'll get  better pictures of it! Although I might wait till it heals a bit more before that too!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Trying To Do Better!

I find that I have the best of intentions when it comes time to blog and then I forget or something else gets my attention! So I have promised myself that I am going to try to do better! This year for example I would like to do better when it comes time to post for my blog and to comment when I visit other peoples blogs. I always get super excited when people comment on my blogs so I'm sure its the same for people that I visit! Even if someone else makes a comment like I want to make I'll still make mine!
I'm also going to better with my treadmill! And with that goes following the advice of my physiotherapist and actually doing the stretching and strengthening exercises that she gave me to do for my knee. I was doing very well at running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a while. I'll have to get back at it. Even if its a slow run because my knee is being a big whiny baby kinda knee!
Also finishing projects. I need to start one of those lists at the side of my blog that says everything I am working on. So then I can get rid of the crafting piles that are taking over my house. Especially my couch! Today I am going out with my sister! And I might try to get some more work done on either my brother and new sister in-laws pillowcase (its sorta a late wedding gift) or some more of my Sherry Sometimes Quilt. I'll see what the evening brings!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quilting Sunday!

After finishing and delivering my Shattered Hooters quilt I seem to be really inspired! I have gotten to work on my Sherry Sometimes Quilt. It's from Material Obsessions 2 by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke. I love the pattern and I'm looking forward to trying the appliqué. This quilt will most likely find a home on my couch. Although if its anything like the Shattered Hooter I have a feeling my cat will be taking it as his own and be sleeping in it and on it as much as possible.
In other news! Suits is back on!!! Yay!!! I LOVE this show! Harvey Spector is my hero! I think everyone should watch this show!
I also had a nice night out with friends last night and by chance we ended up at Boston Pizza on UFC Night and I won a door prize. It's a UFC DVD. I think LB is pretty excited.
A bit of terrible news is yesterday LB got in a small car accident the other guy turned out of a parking lot right in front of LB. Our car has a hole in it. But everyone is okay. Now if only LB had stuck with me and gone to the tattoo parlor to find out about my new plans and tattoo! I can't wait till Thursday! That's when I have my actual appointment! Mark me 100% excited!