Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fun Star Quilt

A friend of mine recently got married and I figured I had some time to get a perfect Quilt together for him and his new bride. But then he dropped the bomb on me. They are moving to Bangladesh in August! It's now time to up my game and get it started! I did find a great pattern on Moda Bake Shop. And I have got the cutting started. And finished. And then I started on my first few blocks! I'll add photos and we will see where it all ends up. Today is going to be a sewing, cleaning and maybe a running day. But the  run may move to tomorrow when I can hit an air conditioned track. Cause I'm a super baby! 

This is the amazing pattern that I picked. I'm doing it in teals and coordinating colors. 

This is the first block. It was my first adventure with paper piecing and I might have to be honest and say I LOVE IT! And will be doing way more! 

This is block 11 and the second one I sewed. I am loving it so far! Let's get more done!! 
And for some fun I'll show you what I did yesterday 

This is our fun before picture (and our made by us tutus, my sister and Hannah and I made them! We've got great plans for more and better ones) 

And the after photo! So much fun Color Me Rad rocks!! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Cute Wedding Day Gift

One of my friends asked if I could stitch a gift for his fiancĂ© to give to her dad. So I'm hard at work making this happen. It's such a sweet thing to do. I'm actually really enjoying the message. And after the last messages I wrote that included the word "daddy" I like this one way better! 



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Small Baby Gift

My husbands cousin is pregnant and we found out recently and like any great quilter I knew I needed to make something cute. And I needed a few supplies for my Amy Butler's Weekender bag (which is my feburary goal). I found this adorable fabric from Adornit the Nesting Owls. I was instantly in love and bought it before I'd even found a pattern. Then I hit Moda Bake shop and found an an equally adorable pattern with pinwheels! Seriously how have I Never made a pin wheel! I was in sewing heaven making those! So fun and so cute! I've also done some fussy cutting on the back (another first!) 
Now to finish a bit more quilting and then binding and it would be one of my cutest creations!