Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today's Objectives

Today I would like to get a back sewn for my disappearing nine patch blanket. And I would like to get it sandwiched too. And I would like to get started on my Santa's Scrappy Trip Along! 
I also have a 6 mile run to do... A little treadmill time! Hopefully it goes better than my last couple treadmill runs... Stupid treadmill 👹😡👹😡

Cross of run! It was a wee bit slower than I wanted but I'll take it! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Projects projects projects

I've been super busy the last couple days. I've been a little lazy with the working out but I have done some running and some stairs and I have been walking at least thirty minutes every day. Back again tomorrow to try to do the 30 minutes of intense working out tomorrow. 
Tomorrow I am going to do a quilt back for the high river quilt. I've been meaning to do it the last couple days but I haven't gotten there because I've been carpet cleaning and trying to rearrange a new sewing area. My last one has been taken over by a TV with the great living room shuffle of 2013. 
Currently I'm waiting for my printer to give me the Scrappy Trip Along instructions. I'm super far behind in the project I know. Most people were blogging this quilt a year ago. But my sister made one and I LOVE hers. And every time I see it I think about stealing it. So I've decided that I am going to make one... But mine is going to be christmas and winter fabrics. My jelly rolls arrived this morning! So I'm calling it Santa's Scrappy Trip Along! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back To The Blog

Now that summer is coming to an end I have a feeling I'll be back at the blogging! I've had a couple really great busy successful days! 
Yesterday I started my Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. I got all my nine patches sewn together and then I got them cut into quarters. I forgot to take photos because my phone was dead and my iPad was playing music. 
I also did 108 flights of stairs. Which means that I can walk up to the chapel in the stratosphere where I am getting married in about 5 weeks! (Holy crap time goes by sooo fast) I also ordered my necklace and earrings for my wedding day! WIN! 
Today was another super busy day. I went out to coffee this morning with *LB* and then home to clean the carpet in my bedroom and the hallway and the top two stairs and the landing! I then sewed the quilt top. I'm a super fan of the quick and fun disappearing nine patch!
 Then I ran for 36 minutes on my treadmill. I've started to try to do at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Day 2 a success! 
Now off to plan something for dinner! I promise I'll get some better pictures of my quilt top up soon!!

Ps! For everyone whose been following you know I have a love for the dodgers and they have clinched the western division!