Sunday, June 9, 2013

Long Time Gone!

A million and two "Sorrys"!!! I didn't realize that so much time was going by! A lot has been happen. Some I can't share just yet but some I can.

I've been working on a Fence Rail Blanket for *LB*'s birthday gift. I have until the end of June to get it finished!!! So far so good! I have two more squares to finish embroidering (well really 1.5 but if I say two and tell you I finished them I feel like I've gotten farther along than I have) which isn't too bad considering its a super secret and so far I don't think he has any idea its coming!!! I've got all my top quilt blocks assembled and they are in rows so hopefully after I finish the corner blocks I can finish the quilt top today.

I've also been working on a top secret project which I can't say anything about yet. But soon I promise I will spill and include pictures!

The other thing that has taken a large portion of my time lately and is the really exciting news... *LB* and I got engaged!!! It happened in May and we are getting married on our 11th anniversary on October 25, 2013. We're getting married in Las Vegas so it should be a super good time. And with a family like mine I'm sure it will be the best day and weekend ever! My unofficial Official wedding planner is a super giant amazing help! I hope she knows that too :) So I'll have to dust off my air miles cards because between now and then I have a lot of traveling to do. This month I'll be heading to Calgary to go Dress shopping! After that in July we are heading to Washington DC to see the Dodgers play the Nationals! Super pumped for that and all the museums there! In August we are most likely having our Wedding Social (Which one of my amazing friends is planning for us!!!BIG BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU FOR THAT), then rumor has it in September I'm going to Vegas for a conference (I don't have the official word on that yet). Then wedding in October!!

Now off to work on his blanket I shall go!!! I'll add pictures later!