Monday, December 10, 2012

And the Running Continues

I wanted to do some sewing today but my sewing machine is behind a record player, and under a lot of other stuff so I didn't get there!
But I do have homemade Mac and Cheese in the oven and I found this super cute quote on Instagram and I've had a nice relaxing day after running yesterday!
I also have Christmas cards to write and get in the mail!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Treadmill Day #1

Today was day 1 with running on the treadmill! Boy has it been a long time since I ran! But I think so far my knee has been holding up well!
I ran 3 miles with 2 minutes of running and then 1 of walking. Averaging out to 12 minute miles.

The shoes pictured are my new pink shoes. Not super new but new because I've been a slack runner! I HEART them! I hope you don't mind hearing about my running and my crafting!

Talk with you again soon!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shattered Hooter Update!

Just updating everyone on my progress with my Shattered Hooter Blanket! I've been working on the Shattered Glass Border the last few days and I think it's coming along nicely!

I also wanted to show everyone my "Downstairs" fabric stash!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shattered Hooters!

After a small amount of indecision I have decided to borrow from Tula Pink and shatter some glass around my Owl! It is now going to be named "Shattered Hooter!" My step sister has helped me a super amount, she suggested that I use the Tula pink idea! She sent me a tutorial video. And after that failed she sent me a mini photo explanation tutorial! Yup she's my sewing advice. It's AWESOME! I may just have some of the best family a girl can asks for! I promise to post some pictures as soon as I have some shattered glass pieces together. I have 1/4 of them sewn together or pieced and not sewn together... Hrmph. It's hard to describe

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Start Of Something New!

I am officially a serial crafter! I blow in craft it up and then start a new craft! It's a great cycle. It keeps me having fun and keeps me from being bored.
And generally I turn back and go finish a few projects. But today is the start of something new. It's my couch blanket. I've never really finished anything for myself but this past year I have started two things and I will have one before I turn 30.
After a few days of reading the instructions I finally clued in ! Now they seem awfully simple. But I the last two days I have cut and pieced unit 1A ad 1B! It's going to be a mystery to you guys! I'll try to post lots of pictures and info as I go! Then at the end I'll do a big reveal! The fun begins!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Progress Report!

Since my last post I have managed to get a lot done. I have finished the two baby blankets that's photo included nothing more than ribbon and one name plate. The ribbon has been laced in, the name plates have been hand embroidered. Sewed closed (I didn't want any lose thread bits on baby blankets), then they have been hand stitched on to the knitted blanket! They are stunning! (I've asked others!). I would load pictures but my camera seems to think its "busy!"
I've also worked for 34 hours, gone to an executive board meeting for 6 hours, and needed some sleep, and I finished my book "Arise" by Ellen & Clayton Kershaw. Very inspiring people at such a young age! The book is very religious but at the end of the day the message is the same one that I try to live by which is help others and to live how you'd like you'd like to be treated.
Friday I will be taking two of the baby blankets with me to work! So that's another thing off my to-do list. I'm waiting till friday because one of the parents won't be there until then and I really want to give them at the same time. And with any luck I can convince my sister to mail the little blanket to Calgary (If I don't do it today!)

After a quick computer fight which involved reminding computer that I can and will turn it off when it makes me angry I won!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Unfinished Workload...

My sister Mrs. Purple Quiltapotamus has challenged me to list all my unfinished work. So here goes nothing. She did it! She says "It does a crafting soul good to see what needs  to be done!!!"
This is a blanket my sister knitted based on our idea from "Once Upon A Time" and I hand embroidered the name and hand sewed the triangle name piece on. Our hopes are that we will have these up for custom order on our Etsy Page very soon. All I have to do for this one is take it to the post office and send it to my friend's baby in Calgary. That should be easy enough.

 These supplies are for two more of the same type of blanket. The pink ribbon needs to be sewn together because it wasn't long enough but its perfect for the little lady who is going to be getting a white blanket like the one above. I just have to make her name Triangle. Hopefully I'll get it done this weekend. I have a date with her mother next week. The blue ribbon goes with that cute name triangle which needs to be sewn on to a blanket. The knitting is done! My sister (B) is a beast when it comes time to knit or crochet! She whips things up like nobodies business.

This one is almost like the first one, except it needs a little bit of ribbon help. It needs nicer bows and some trimming. But then I can take this with me to work and give it to the babies mommy to take  home with her. I might just wait till the little blue ribbon blanket above is complete so I can give it to both people at the same time.

My baby gift that's not needed until January when we have the baby shower. Its coming along well. Mr. Eric Gagne is there to guard my pieces. I have a few more blocks to sew. They're in the plastic bags there. And then I get to put it all together. Although I think one of my middle blocks is way smaller than the others so I might have to redo that one. I'm waiting until they're all done to judge! I have a feeling this is gonna be one awesome gift. Now that my sewing machine is repaired I can easily get back to work on it.

This project I really need to get going on! These are squares from my nephew's baby shower. Everyone there wrote him a message and now I am hand embroidering their words on to pieces of fabric that his mom is going to quilt for him. If I don't get myself going its going to end up being his wedding gift! UGH! I was doing really well not that long ago. Then I put it in my sewing bag and got caught up with something else. I only have a few squares to go. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can bang them out and get them in the mail!

This also makes me a bit sad. I started this skeleton couple a while ago and then I had a custom order so they lost their hoop. My friend from work drew them for me! (I LOVE HIS ART WORK) I should finish them and get them up on my Etsy site super soon.

My wild hexies! I'm actually kind of amazed at how many I have done! I know that its not that many considering how many I will need to make my quilt. But I'm still majorly excited about them! (This is what my sister meant when she said it was good for the crafting soul!) Now I just need to either get a bunch of these sewn together so I can take their templates back or get on making more templates! (Its just so much work!!) When I started this I jumped the gun a bit and didn't use a printed template so now I have to keep making templates that seem like they'll be right. And I have to make sure that they are right otherwise I end up with ones that are way way smaller like the grey one I recently blogged. But after seeing them all out I think I can finish this project. Maybe not by the time I'm 30 though...

These are coming along as well. These will be needle books soon enough! I can't wait! There is also one not shown in the picture because its a gift. Hopefully I'll be able to get a lot of work done this upcoming weekend. And I'll try to keep you all posted on my progress!

The only other major outstanding project is updating all the finished for sale items on to my etsy page. I did get four new things listed yesterday so hopefully this up coming week I can get more up there. Maybe I'll get a couple of these items off my list and ready to be listed!

So Much To Say!

I've had some very very very exciting days lately! And I've been meaning to tell you all about them. However I keep getting caught up on other things. And then I am too tired to think about blogging and making sense.
I have some time right now because I am at the dentist waiting for LB to have his check up. It's a super exciting morning! I did bring some stitching with me and I hope to get a fair bit done today because after this I get to take the car in for its regular maintenance.
Back to the exciting news! I have become the proud owner of two new books! My sister sent me one from Calgary it's "Sunday Morning Quilts" and it is amazing!! There may have been a very exciting dance across the livingroom with the song "my book is here! my book is here! my book is here!" When it arrived. I love so many of the quilts in there! Super encouraging! Although I have promised to finish a few other projects before I start another one! I love all their suggestions for sorting and organizing your fabric! I look forward to my shelves I've asked LB to building for me!
I also ordered the book "Arise" by Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen! It's amazing what they've done to help others in Africa and America! I'm hoping it will inspire me to do some more giving and helping out.
I also got my sewing machine fixed!! That's super exciting news! And it was a very reasonable price.
My sister also sorted my stitching box. I've included pictures! Clearly it's come along way! I'll attach a picture of the current box right soon.
 Why is this sideways? 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Sew Blanket

I started and completed my no sew blanket today!! It's pretty awesome. I put a pic on Instagram and the baby's mommy liked it! Double win!
This is part of the awesome fabric shopping I did the other day before I went for a meeting at my Union Office.
On Saturday we celebrated out anniversary and LB wanted to watch a football game (and I wanted to wash my new bedding and do some crafting) so while he watched I started working on my no sew blanket. It was super fun and easy. As you can see my wee boy Jasper wanted to help out. He was an excellent weight and help the fabric in place while I cut. However I did have to move his super long tail a few times because I didn't want to accidently cut his tail.

By then end of the football game (Sadly LB's team did not win) I had my blanket complete. Now to take it with me to work tomorrow and give it to "3"'s mom! I know she likes it! I hope she's excited to get it. I also want to make another one for another mom that I know that loves to craft and has stitched the most adorable onsies for her little girl.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today already promises to be a good busy day! I went and met my sister down town once she was done work. Then I dragged to her this photo place so I could get some prints made from the LA Dodgers game that we went to in September. Its my anniversary tomorrow. I'm surprising LB with some good photos that I took and then I'll tell him that we get to take them and get them framed! Its a double gift really because its my art work and it'll be up on the wall and its his favorite baseball players! 

Obviously these are unedited and uncropped! The prints are wicked amazing! Well except one. I had one of Clayton Kershaw that was too fuzzy when blown up for I've sent in a few more so then LB can pick which one he wants framed! I'm so excited!!!
Then once I was home I did the dreaded house work (well I at least got a good start on what needs to be done! and then I didn't feel like doing anymore) Now I'm going to be going out to help my aunt finish up moving from her apartment to her townhouse! Its gonna be a nice afternoon.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Work

See Larry the P-I-N-K unicorn. He sits on my desk! And he was ABUSED this weekend. I need to get a new smaller embroidery hoop! It's tough to sew without one!

Happy News: My presser foot lever should be in on Thursday!!! Yay!!! Ill be able to sew again!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Today I got a fair start on the things in my sewing bag of entertainment! I'll have to post some pictures on Tuesday! I also think I have a few more ideas for other projects that I want to do. Although I should most likely finish an few of the ones I have on the go before I move on and start making more. I still have one baby blanket to finish. I need to go but ribbon! Its on my Tuesday list! And I have a meeting at the union office on Tuesday, so that means I'll be right by the FABRIC store! Yay!!! I love the fabric store! And the Union guys are most excellent too!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Second Post!

This is a work weekend for me. I will work 34 hours in the next three days. As stinky as that is it'll work in my favor. I work with super people and enjoy time with them. And this weekend I am gonna play Sports Select (is that what's its called?) for the first time. I'm just gonna guess and pick based on names and feelings. And I've also stacked my craft bag with some new projects I would like to get up on my etsy site in time for Christmas. I think they will be great stocking stuffers.
Teaser photo:

A Domestic Thursday

Once again I had so much to share and I forgot to blog! This Blogtoberfest challenge really is tough! Hopefully day I can do one for yesterday and one for today. :)
Yesterday I baked some Oh Henry squares from one of my grandma's recipes. It's delicious! Then I made some Zippy Pineapple chicken for dinner.
After the baking and while making dinner I started actually sewing my baby quilt! It's coming along really well! Aside from the seam ripping because I stitched the one block the same as its mirror image from the other side. Who knew an owl needed a left and a right wing.
So far I know I have to improve on my seam lining up but I'm sure in time with practice I'll be able to nail those suckers! (Please feel free to comment with hints and tips for making that happen!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I forgot to blog yesterday!!! Nuts! So to make up for it I'm going to share the flowers I found on my desk on Monday! At work we share desks however we do have usual desks. When I got in on Monday I had a surprise waiting. These little suckers are made out of clay. After some investigating I found out that my friend Lisa made them. Lisa makes wicke cakes too! I'm trying to convince her that she should open a bakery or cake shop.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Progress Report

I am beyond excited to show you all how much progress I have made so far in October!

Drumroll please!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Road Trip!

I've gone on a weekend trip to LB's family's house in Saskatchewan! I didn't bring any crafts with me. So I'm just enjoying a nice quiet weekend with family. Kinda a late Thanksgiving (or early if we were American)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This is how my day is starting today! Hopefully it doesn't continue. I'm going for shop steward training today for the union! Then hopefully a coffee date and then Michaels I want a new rotary cutter! My stinks. (It was a super cheapy from Wal-mart)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Only One BandAid!

Just a quick check in because my phone says its time! I went to move my phone because I'm cutting my brown fabric! That's right people! Pink and purple are DONE! And I guess my phone thought I should tell you because it opened blogger!
Speaking if phone usage for blogging can anyone give me advice for tagging on my phone. It always tells me that it can't post! And I've learned that if I delete all my tags it'll post! Help!
So far after all this cutting I've only needed one band aid and my sister put it on for me! Just cause she's awesome like that!