Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Binding Time!

My last couple days off went super well! I got a LOT done! A crazy amount actually! It is now time for me to do some binding! I tried it over the weekend and there was a TERRIBLE!!! seam ripping accident! It was awful! So I seam ripped it all and I will try again today. I have loads of pictures to show you all of them were taken with my iPhone so I apologize for the quality but at the same time I don't because I have a giant love for my camera and once I take it out I want to play with it and take loads of photos and go for photo walks and just take loads of pictures. So while in the middle of a project it's best if I just iPhone and continue with the project. I promise once I finish my Shattered Hooter blanket I will pull out the big camera and take amazingly beautiful pictures and close ups and super pictures and when I finally get to give it to Three (my friends baby!) I'll try to get a few shots with her and the blanket! Lets GO BINDING!

This is me using painters tape to measure out my quilting lines

This is me pointing out that I am an idiot and I make mistakes (I made this one about 8 times throughout the quilting process! Including when I was trying to fix it this time and was aware that I had to make sure my backing fabric wasn't being sneaky and folding back on its self.

This was a teaser picture for my step sister who has spent a lot of time and text messages encouraging me and helping me get to this point in the blanket.

Back to work doing more quilting I was 100% determined to  get this quilting stuff done that morning. I was actually dreaming the night before about my quilting plans!
This is me taping out the other 1/2 of my quilting pattern

This is a close up of one of the diamonds that I made! I'm 100% glad that I decided to sew on both of the sides of the piece of tape so that I could get those cute mini diamonds at the top, bottom, and both sides of the big diamond

The finished quilted quilt! Just waiting for some trimming and binding! And some better pictures! These pictures are terrible! Especially with the amount of work that went into this! I need to do better and stop taking the easy way out! Even though I think the excuse is legit!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold weather adventures!

This has been my weekend off! It's been a bit productive! Saturday I spent the day with my sister and then went out for drinks and dinner with some people from work! I LOVE my work people! They're awesome!
Then yesterday I got another side of shattering and piecing together for my Shattered Hooter. Now I have one side to go. One more side to go then its sandwich time! I'm really looking forward to quilting. Although I don't think that I am doing anything to fancy. Seeing as this is my first one. My sister helped me ALOT when I was in Calgary at the beginning of the month. She was able to answer my questions (I have a lot) and she let me practice some FMQ. It was awesome!
Back to yesterday! We ran out of bunny food and the pet store that sells the right type of bunny food is closed on Sundays. So I was going to go to Safeway which is only three or four blocks away. It was minus 34 (Celsius) so I bundled up. Grabbed my reusable bag and started on my way. I locked the door knob part of my door and walked out. I ensured that it was locked all and secure and then I realized that I had left my keys in the house! Yup WINNER! Terrible! So I locked myself out! Luckily LB was on lunch break at work and was able to come let me in. And I got food for dinner. And remembered the bunny food! They loved me for it!
I am currently pinning the shatter hooter! Hopefully Thursday will involve some quilting! Maybe a binding plan! Oh I'm ubber excited!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Waiting For March...

I find myself waiting for March! It seems like such a long time! Until I look at how fast this year is already going! This year part of my Christmas Gift from LB was tickets to go see Great Big Sea! I have wanted to see them since I was about 15! My best friends parents got to go then and they had a great time! I love going to any concert! But I`m way way way more excited when I get to go see something I want to see! The general rule for me is that Ill go see anything that someone else will buy me a  ticket to go to!

However March is full of good things! One of my friends from Junior/Senior high is coming with her band Go For The Eyes on the 15th! Click here to Check out a video Then on the 17th is Great Big Sea!
I'm hoping that we can get a big group and make the GFTEs show amazing and super fun!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back To Blogging!

Hi! Sorry I haven't forgotten about you guys! I just didn't have a whole lot of stuff to report to you! But I'm going to spend the next two days working on that! I have a few projects that I REALLY need to get done!

  1. One is a set of pillowcases for my brother and his new wife! They're going to be wonderful and hopefully loved! 
  2. The second pillowcase for my step mom  Its a travel pillowcase. And it only involves two colors. I should be able to bang that out without too much problem.
  3. Sort out my sewing space again! I love my record player but I HATE it when it sits infront of my sewing desk.
  4. Shattered Hooters needs to be FINISHED! 
  5. I'd like to do some more work on one of my two blankets!! *fingers crossed* (this one might just be me living in a fantasy world!)
With that said I will leave you all with this wonderful piece of advice I found on Pinterest this morning!