Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Sew Blanket

I started and completed my no sew blanket today!! It's pretty awesome. I put a pic on Instagram and the baby's mommy liked it! Double win!
This is part of the awesome fabric shopping I did the other day before I went for a meeting at my Union Office.
On Saturday we celebrated out anniversary and LB wanted to watch a football game (and I wanted to wash my new bedding and do some crafting) so while he watched I started working on my no sew blanket. It was super fun and easy. As you can see my wee boy Jasper wanted to help out. He was an excellent weight and help the fabric in place while I cut. However I did have to move his super long tail a few times because I didn't want to accidently cut his tail.

By then end of the football game (Sadly LB's team did not win) I had my blanket complete. Now to take it with me to work tomorrow and give it to "3"'s mom! I know she likes it! I hope she's excited to get it. I also want to make another one for another mom that I know that loves to craft and has stitched the most adorable onsies for her little girl.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today already promises to be a good busy day! I went and met my sister down town once she was done work. Then I dragged to her this photo place so I could get some prints made from the LA Dodgers game that we went to in September. Its my anniversary tomorrow. I'm surprising LB with some good photos that I took and then I'll tell him that we get to take them and get them framed! Its a double gift really because its my art work and it'll be up on the wall and its his favorite baseball players! 

Obviously these are unedited and uncropped! The prints are wicked amazing! Well except one. I had one of Clayton Kershaw that was too fuzzy when blown up for I've sent in a few more so then LB can pick which one he wants framed! I'm so excited!!!
Then once I was home I did the dreaded house work (well I at least got a good start on what needs to be done! and then I didn't feel like doing anymore) Now I'm going to be going out to help my aunt finish up moving from her apartment to her townhouse! Its gonna be a nice afternoon.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Work

See Larry the P-I-N-K unicorn. He sits on my desk! And he was ABUSED this weekend. I need to get a new smaller embroidery hoop! It's tough to sew without one!

Happy News: My presser foot lever should be in on Thursday!!! Yay!!! Ill be able to sew again!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Today I got a fair start on the things in my sewing bag of entertainment! I'll have to post some pictures on Tuesday! I also think I have a few more ideas for other projects that I want to do. Although I should most likely finish an few of the ones I have on the go before I move on and start making more. I still have one baby blanket to finish. I need to go but ribbon! Its on my Tuesday list! And I have a meeting at the union office on Tuesday, so that means I'll be right by the FABRIC store! Yay!!! I love the fabric store! And the Union guys are most excellent too!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Second Post!

This is a work weekend for me. I will work 34 hours in the next three days. As stinky as that is it'll work in my favor. I work with super people and enjoy time with them. And this weekend I am gonna play Sports Select (is that what's its called?) for the first time. I'm just gonna guess and pick based on names and feelings. And I've also stacked my craft bag with some new projects I would like to get up on my etsy site in time for Christmas. I think they will be great stocking stuffers.
Teaser photo:

A Domestic Thursday

Once again I had so much to share and I forgot to blog! This Blogtoberfest challenge really is tough! Hopefully day I can do one for yesterday and one for today. :)
Yesterday I baked some Oh Henry squares from one of my grandma's recipes. It's delicious! Then I made some Zippy Pineapple chicken for dinner.
After the baking and while making dinner I started actually sewing my baby quilt! It's coming along really well! Aside from the seam ripping because I stitched the one block the same as its mirror image from the other side. Who knew an owl needed a left and a right wing.
So far I know I have to improve on my seam lining up but I'm sure in time with practice I'll be able to nail those suckers! (Please feel free to comment with hints and tips for making that happen!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I forgot to blog yesterday!!! Nuts! So to make up for it I'm going to share the flowers I found on my desk on Monday! At work we share desks however we do have usual desks. When I got in on Monday I had a surprise waiting. These little suckers are made out of clay. After some investigating I found out that my friend Lisa made them. Lisa makes wicke cakes too! I'm trying to convince her that she should open a bakery or cake shop.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Progress Report

I am beyond excited to show you all how much progress I have made so far in October!

Drumroll please!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Road Trip!

I've gone on a weekend trip to LB's family's house in Saskatchewan! I didn't bring any crafts with me. So I'm just enjoying a nice quiet weekend with family. Kinda a late Thanksgiving (or early if we were American)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This is how my day is starting today! Hopefully it doesn't continue. I'm going for shop steward training today for the union! Then hopefully a coffee date and then Michaels I want a new rotary cutter! My stinks. (It was a super cheapy from Wal-mart)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Only One BandAid!

Just a quick check in because my phone says its time! I went to move my phone because I'm cutting my brown fabric! That's right people! Pink and purple are DONE! And I guess my phone thought I should tell you because it opened blogger!
Speaking if phone usage for blogging can anyone give me advice for tagging on my phone. It always tells me that it can't post! And I've learned that if I delete all my tags it'll post! Help!
So far after all this cutting I've only needed one band aid and my sister put it on for me! Just cause she's awesome like that!

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Pretty Busy Weekend

Sorry I missed yesterday with working 12 hours and being way busier than a regular Sunday I got caught up and forgot to post. The good news is I did get one of the baby gifts completely finished and The little guy will be getting his new blankie tonight. I've added pictures and everyone at work loved it. In all honesty my sister did the knitting because she's awesome. I've got pictures! Hopefully I'll get pictures of the little guy with his blanket one day soon!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finally Finishing Things

I may have previously mentioned that it was babypoloza around work lately. And I was making baby blankets for a few babies. So I'm finally getting to the last couple. I finished the stitching on one today and I'm trying to have the second one stitched as well. Then tonight hopefully me and the sewing machine can quickly zip around the edge and tomorrow I can quilt them onto their baby blankets. I may need a quick trip to the fabric store for some ribbon for an adorable bow but that's doable.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oct 05, 2012 Plans!

I'm trying something different today! Today I am going to blog first thing in the morning and say all the things that I want to do and then I'll check in  through out the day and see how they are going! And post pictures of what I do. If any of it is picture worthy!

Plan something for dinner (done, chicken caesar salad and garlic toast)
Rainbow Pillowcase 2.0
Cut all Purple pieces for quilt
Look into getting new rotary cutting mat (self healing mat?) (got it and a new longer ruler)
Costco Shopping (done)
Kijiji Listings (done)

Alright I've got my list. Now lets see if I can make magic happen!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Wasted Day

I had grand plans when my eyes first opened this morning! I was going to finish my rainbow pillowcase and do some work and then get more pieces cut for my quilt. I did finish my rainbow pillow case. I quit! I didn't like the red line which was all French knots and I'm not spending all day seam ripping and tweezing out knots! Instead I'll make a new one tomorrow. And the plans of today will become the goals of tomorrow. Today I read a book instead and spent a lot of time with my favorite spotted boy. I think we both needed it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainbows and Great People

This morning when I was at work my sister texted me to ask "I'd heard about the rainbow thing?" When I said no she sent me a bit about the story and told me to check out facebook and get the rest of the information. So I did and here it is

Wish for: a little girl who is sick

I am helping a friend out and asking everyone to help out! Could everyone,
 including you big kids, draw a simple picture of a rainbow and mail it to Patricia Verhelst Box 355, Radville, SK S0C 2G0 by next week and she will send them all in together. There is a little girl in Saskatoon who is sick who wishes to get a rainbow from everyone in the world. Please write your name and where you are from on it. Lets make a wish come true if it was your child you would want that! Thanks everyone and please copy and paste this to help spread the word! She is 10 years old and her name is Maranda.

I was instantly involved and positive I wanted to do this. So I decided that I am going to stitch a rainbow on a pillow case and send it to her. And I had a LOT of my awesome coworkers draw rainbows (I actually keep a box of 64 crayola crayons at my desk!). Even the fellas joined in. A lot of them were more than happy to when I explained what they were for! 

Originally I was going to do my one flower Wednesday post today but this came up instead. So One Flower Wednesday will move to One Flower Thursday. I was also planning on working on my surprise baby gift for my friend but I'm sure she would agree that this deserves my attention today. Please also join and lets make this young girls wish come true!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 2

Day 2- I was worried I'd forget today. Mostly because I have to work (craft supplies must be bought! And to do that I have to make money. Seems like a bad system if you ask me).
After work tonight I am hoping that I get the rest of my cutting done and hopefully depending on time I may lay it out and start placement of my pieces and try to get the right color combos that I like.
I'd also like to go out for a nice fall run. It should be a nice night for that and I love running through the rustling leafs!
I also need a goods plan for dinner and I am not sure what I want.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogtoberfest! Starts

Being relatively new to Blogging I had no idea that there was so many things that happened between blogs. My step sister, The Purple Quiltapotamus, said that she was going to do Blogtoberfest. And I just happen to have a new project to start that could use a little motivation so I thought that I would join. See if I'm up for I Saw You Dancing's challenge! Challenge Accepted! 

New Project!
My friend is having a baby in December. It will be her third baby and Three is going to be the first girl. Poor thing with two older brothers. I wish her the best already. And I decided that I wanted to learn to quilt. (Please feel free to give advice! I look forward to it!) So I went to the book store Chapters yesterday. After getting a Latte and a snack I made my way to the crafting section and lucked out because the quilting was at floor level! I planted myself on  the floor and started pulling books! After about an hour I finally decided on one book! By Boo Davis!
Then I came home and flipped through checking out all the pictures and fought long and hard between the skull and the owl. This time the owl won out. After making notes to make the size adjustments (in my newly appointed stitching notebook, not in my book, don't be silly) I consulted a few people and the choice was clear. I'll keep the brown and change the green and blue to pink and purple! So a quick trip to the fabric store and raiding my previous fabric stash I'm ready to begin!