Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sewing Space

Today I shall have the house to myself!!! (Excluding the cat and the bunnies! But they're my favorite part of my family! lol) The plan is to set myself up a little sewing space in the living room! LB's grandma had an auction sale last year just before she moved into an apartment and I bought a wicked awesome super lamp and its in my sewing space! Then I have a sewing table and a chair already in the space and I've been stacking my EPP fabric on it since I started that adventure. So I think its gonna be perfect. I've even told LB thats where I plan to put my sewing machine and he didn't insist that I take it to my craftroom. Although I did tell him that this way I can sew and watch Baseball! Which I'm actually starting to enjoy (but don't tell him that!)
Alright I'm off  to get started! Hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon! And if anyone out there has any great suggestions for blogs I should follow for beginning quilters please send me your suggestions!

 This is our record playing. Its also from the auction sale! We LOVE IT! We do however need more records because we don't have that many. Today I picked Buddy Holly! Yesterday we were listening to Michael Jackson's Thriller! Most excellent!
 This is my little place now! I can't wait to get a cork board for the wall! Hopefully LB can make it stay up! We have a super old house and getting things to stay on the walls is a bit harder than it sounds!
 I turned off my ultra cool light so you guys could see it a bit better! I love it! I think it'll also be perfect when I'm sewing. I can turn on one, two or three of the light bulbs depending on how dark it is. (See my handy tool sitting there! Please don't look Dad! I promise its not a good butter knife. Its a random one that doesn't belong to my set)
SEWING MACHINE! Its got sooo many options I'm a little intimidated by it. It did come with a DVD so I'll watch that and get some courage!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Kijiji Purchase!

I've been playing around with the idea of getting a new sewing machine for a while. I broke one of mine and can't find the piece I need to fix it. And taking it in any where is going to cost a fair bit of money. And seeing as I didn't spend that much money on it and it isn't that great of a sewing machine I decided that I wanted to get a new one.

So I thought about taking a quilting class and figuring out which would be the best of the best sewing machines and saving the oodles of money that it would most likely cost and decided that I most likely wasn't patient enough for that. And if I did stick it out then maybe I would move on to another project shortly after spending all that money. And it happens with me. That's why I'm no longer allowed to buy gaming equipment  I always think I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it. Then I get it and use it for a few weeks and then it sits there gathering dust unless my boyfriend uses it!

Yesterday while I was at work I was a little bored so I was on Kijiji and thought I'd look up sewing machines. I found one that I liked and that was "modern" and I did a bit of research on it and it looks like it would be a good starter for quilting and doing serious sewing with. Now today or tomorrow I get a new sewing machine!!!! YAY!!! I have so many thoughts in my mind for all the things that I wanna sew. Does any one have any great suggestions for a beginning quilter for books that I should look for or blogs that I should follow?

I'll post some pictures after I get my new baby and get it set up!!! So excited!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Flower Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

My flower is pretty plain today. It's just grey. I would like to put the grey as a border around all the color that's happening. However this one ended up
being a lot smaller than the other flowers in my case. I guess it's one of the problems with cutting my own hexagon and not cutting enough in the beginning. I didn't really like stitching this fabric either. So it's not decided yet but I think I may try a different grey fabric.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

TV addicted!

I love watching TV! I may have a serious problem. Especially now that I've learned to download shows and its also season premier time. I've been watching Suits. I've burned through season one and I'm on my way to season 2! Anyone out there watch this show? Or have any other great suggestions for other shows? I will be getting back to the world of crafting soon! I can do that and watch TV!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gone For Awhile

Hey all! Just wanted to check in and tell you that I'm still around. We went to California last week and it was amazing! We did a half marathon, Disney land and California adventure park including the new cars section. As much as I wanted one I didn't get the construction warning cone drink. We also went to a dodgers game (AMAZING!!! Even though I had my doubts) and we went to the San diego zoo! Awesome! I promise to get pics up soon! A few teasers...