Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Flower Wednesday

10 hours of work done! And one happy Wednesday flower completed and four more waiting to be stitched together! And one PVR getting emptier!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rainy Flowers

Its been raining for the last few days, so I've been in the house. So far I've got about a billion hexagons cut out and ready to be basted. I have got about 30 basted and then I've got about 6 complete Hexie <flowers> bunches. :)
But yesterday I was out taking garden photos in the rain. I hope more flowers open up soon. And I hope that my poor hail beaten bleeding hearts come back.

Despite the weather we went for a 3 mile run tonight. It was super nice to be out moving after sitting at my work desk for 10 hours. The track was as thrilling as ever :) ! Hopefully we will stay on track so we can get super wicked personal best in California this year!

Whats this I hear about One Flower Wednesdays?

My step sister told me about one flower wednesdays! I want in! How do I go about this? Who do I talk to? Whats involved!?! I wanna be invited. My step sister would never steer me wrong! She's  the reason I have my cat after all. And in case I forgot to thank you for him I'll do it now! Thank you!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

E.P.P Weekend one!

 I've gotten four flowers done, although from now on I will be referring to them as "bunches" because *LB* (Boyfriend) doesn't want to sleep under a flower bed.
 This will be one of the black pieces
 Another one of the black pieces. I love the music notes!
 Black piece. I realized I'll need a lot more black pieces than I will of the colored pieces But The black pieces will be fun with their colorful ways! :)
This is my first (and only) colored flower. I'm hoping to make it to the fabric store today to pick up some more fabric and get a bunch more cut out. I think I can do this project while I'm at work! I should be able to do at least a little on my lunch breaks!

Garden Update

Gardening update! I took my wicked awesome Canon Rebel outside the other day for some new garden pictures and thought I'd share them. Once I've got this up I will go and take pictures of by EPP project progress!!! I'm so excited to share it!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I realize that most people won't understand why this is such a big deal. But just know that it truly is! My little Boy, Jasper, he came to me when He was 2. Before that he moved around a lot and was used as a breeding cat. Then he had a bit of trouble finding a forever home. He can be a bit aggressive (understatement of the century) when it comes to other cats, but he is a fantastic people cat.
When he first moved in he was very solitary. He liked to be petted but only when he wanted it and only one hand at a time! Now today he's on the couch and cuddling!! Oh yeah! Cat whisper here!!!

I Get Buy With A Little Help From My Friends

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Today's progress

Kick off! I have gotten all my paper pieces ironed on to my fabric and only one mishap.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Promises of a New Day

So the last two days at work have been rather busy. So I haven't done much when I got home. Today I spent the evening watching TV cuddled on my couch with the BF.
Tomorrow is something exciting though... Tomorrow is the start of my weekend off! That means I have Saturday, sunday, and Monday to do my thing! Tomorrow is a 5 mile run. That shouldn't be too bad. Then I am going to start my new quilt. And I'd like to finish Izzy on my Jake And The Neverland Pirates pillow case! I'll keep you updated!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Happy Start to a Work day

This morning when I was leaving my house I had a great surprise! One of my irises has bloomed and is beautiful!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Craft That I Love!

I've been doing a lot of embroidery for the last few years and I love it. I love finding a new picture or coming up with a new pattern.
Currently I am working on a pillowcase for one of my Co-worker's Daughter. Its based on Jake And The Neverland Pirates cartoon. She loves this show and when I went to Disney World (Another love... Travel and running I was there for the Goofy Race and a half challenge). I couldn't find anything there :(
 The pillowcase is white but the photo is a little dark. I was taking photos with my Iphone and they are unedited. Sorry. Above his Cubby (Not to be confused with Chubby)
And this is Jake! The main pirate. His "J"'s on the boot just need to be washed off and then redrawn and stitched in shiny gold.

My Little Helper

My wee little helper. This is Jasper!

A Slightly Slow Start

Today I got the pattern option picked out. I think Idea 3 is the winner. Then I went through all my fabric and picked out what I would like to use. I picked out the stuff I'm going to use for the black squares!
The bright blue will be paired with some new items from the store :) Those will be the colored flowers! Getting the Hexagon pattern was a bit of a pain. I thought that I could use my Cricut to cut out a hexagon only to find that all my cartridges don't have a hexagon. Then I thought about printing. But as I said before my printer wants no part of this craft activity. It's holding out until I refill its ink. Tracing was the best option. Right from the computer screen to a lovely white piece of paper. Yup I did it! Well not me. Mine turned out looking like a five year old on a sugar high tried to trace them. However my awesome sister was able to do it. Then to make her even more awesome she cut 5o of them out of "Freezer Paper" for me while I watched TV with the boyfriend. *Best sister ever* (She's the B in B.S. Crafts, which is really named for our Grandma, but it works out perfectly with our names too)

Idea's Stage

As I said yesterday I have decided that I really want to make an English Paper Pieced Quilt (EPP Quilt).
So now comes the ideas phase...
I have decided that I was going to do a Hexagon Flower Pattern. I love flowers (Perhaps because they are one of the only things I can draw) and there seems to be a lot of help online for this kind of EEP piece. I downloaded a hexagon graph paper and went to work in the Paint program. I attempted to print but my printer refuses to take part in this idea. Stupid ink!
Idea 1 - A bit confusing. But I think if I take it one flower at a time it could be done! And obviously I would have to repeat the pattern until it was the size that I wanted

Idea 2 - i Do really like how the colors pop on this one and think that this might be an ideal craft for the futon in my craft room I'm not sure I'm 100% sold.

Idea 3 - I really like this idea. I like that there are black flowers in between the colored ones, I like the diagonal pattern that the flowers make and I think that this could turn out to be a wicked craft room quilt too!

So now I guess its time to bite the bullet and make some choices. I would also really like to do a black and white baby sized blanket with super bright colors as a backing. So I'm not 100% sure where I'll starts. Perhaps I'll wait for my sister to get up and see what she thinks will be better! WAKE UP SIBLING!!! NOW! (Not that I am excited or anything!)

Gardening Girl

Another thing that I spend a lot of time doing (when I'm not plotting to take over the crafting world) is spending time in my garden. I find it very relaxing and I LOVE when my flowers grow!

This was the first photo I took of my complete garden this year. Since then its been hit by hail and my poor bleeding hearts got severely abused!

A New Idea

So this last weekend while at work I finally decided that I wanted to start hand quilting. So I spent the weekend hunting things down on Pinterest and checking it all out. Then I thought about it more and decided that it would be a good plan. All good ideas start with a simple plan. I have good even stitched when I hand embroider things.
So I continued with the investigating. And I found a link to English Paper Piecing... I think I may have found my new craft. *evil grin*
I'm super excited to get started on this!

And also I started a new blog! So hopefully I will keep up with it and you can follow all my crazy crafty genius ideas!!!