Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Tools

The scissors in the middle are my newest pair of scissors. I love them! I also have my wrist pin cushion (its very useful in keeping pins out of LBs body, he doesn't really go for that pierced look). And the blue case there is where I store all my EEP pieces that have been basted. I have another ones for the pieces waiting to be basted. They're just little photo holders from Michael's craft store. They go on sale super cheap and they are super easy to throw in my bag if I wanna take my craft with me when I go out. I also keep an extra pair of scissor and back up thread and needles in there just in case. And I guess I should mention my Thread Heaven. Thats the tiny blue cube. I'm still on the fence with this. It did help when I was using the Satin Embroidery Floss from DMC.

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