Friday, June 1, 2012


(I'm sorry that I can't link the picture to its owner. But I do love it!)
Yesterday was new fabric day. It looks like I was in a green phase! I bought some other colors but I bought three different greens. The chatty lady who cut all my fabric was super nice and encouraging. So then I was thinking about how I actually wanted to lay my pattern out. And WHAM!!!! Overwhelmed in 2.2 seconds when I realized that I am going to be making 900!!!! flowers. 30 per row, 30 rows. OMG and that's just the front!
Kept sewing and got to thinking. 30 sounds like a doable number. Yes I could do thirty. Then I should be able to do 30 rows of 30. I'll just do it one row at a time. I can do this! If I can run a marathon I should be able to stitch a blanket. I'm getting faster when I do the stitching so by the time I'm 85 I'll have my nursing home blanket complete. Just kidding! I'm going to try to get it done within the next year or so. This month I turn 29 so I'll try to have it done by the time I'm 30 (or at least one side of it)

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