Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Flower Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

My flower is pretty plain today. It's just grey. I would like to put the grey as a border around all the color that's happening. However this one ended up
being a lot smaller than the other flowers in my case. I guess it's one of the problems with cutting my own hexagon and not cutting enough in the beginning. I didn't really like stitching this fabric either. So it's not decided yet but I think I may try a different grey fabric.


  1. I bet you can find some use for the grey flower on another project...I hate taking things apart...I see some pretty reds, yellows and greens peeking out under the grey flower!

    1. I sure hope I find something to do with it! I can't imagine that the frustration of me and my seam ripper being worth it. I was thinking maybe a pin cushion or a catnip toy.

  2. You sound a little down about your grey flower, an idea will come to mind, do not worry.

  3. what about embroidering something? it is lovely in its symmetry and shape!

  4. Thanks guys! Maybe I'll keep it around and see what I come up with for it!