Thursday, January 17, 2013

Waiting For March...

I find myself waiting for March! It seems like such a long time! Until I look at how fast this year is already going! This year part of my Christmas Gift from LB was tickets to go see Great Big Sea! I have wanted to see them since I was about 15! My best friends parents got to go then and they had a great time! I love going to any concert! But I`m way way way more excited when I get to go see something I want to see! The general rule for me is that Ill go see anything that someone else will buy me a  ticket to go to!

However March is full of good things! One of my friends from Junior/Senior high is coming with her band Go For The Eyes on the 15th! Click here to Check out a video Then on the 17th is Great Big Sea!
I'm hoping that we can get a big group and make the GFTEs show amazing and super fun!

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