Monday, January 21, 2013

Cold weather adventures!

This has been my weekend off! It's been a bit productive! Saturday I spent the day with my sister and then went out for drinks and dinner with some people from work! I LOVE my work people! They're awesome!
Then yesterday I got another side of shattering and piecing together for my Shattered Hooter. Now I have one side to go. One more side to go then its sandwich time! I'm really looking forward to quilting. Although I don't think that I am doing anything to fancy. Seeing as this is my first one. My sister helped me ALOT when I was in Calgary at the beginning of the month. She was able to answer my questions (I have a lot) and she let me practice some FMQ. It was awesome!
Back to yesterday! We ran out of bunny food and the pet store that sells the right type of bunny food is closed on Sundays. So I was going to go to Safeway which is only three or four blocks away. It was minus 34 (Celsius) so I bundled up. Grabbed my reusable bag and started on my way. I locked the door knob part of my door and walked out. I ensured that it was locked all and secure and then I realized that I had left my keys in the house! Yup WINNER! Terrible! So I locked myself out! Luckily LB was on lunch break at work and was able to come let me in. And I got food for dinner. And remembered the bunny food! They loved me for it!
I am currently pinning the shatter hooter! Hopefully Thursday will involve some quilting! Maybe a binding plan! Oh I'm ubber excited!

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