Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Idea's Stage

As I said yesterday I have decided that I really want to make an English Paper Pieced Quilt (EPP Quilt).
So now comes the ideas phase...
I have decided that I was going to do a Hexagon Flower Pattern. I love flowers (Perhaps because they are one of the only things I can draw) and there seems to be a lot of help online for this kind of EEP piece. I downloaded a hexagon graph paper and went to work in the Paint program. I attempted to print but my printer refuses to take part in this idea. Stupid ink!
Idea 1 - A bit confusing. But I think if I take it one flower at a time it could be done! And obviously I would have to repeat the pattern until it was the size that I wanted

Idea 2 - i Do really like how the colors pop on this one and think that this might be an ideal craft for the futon in my craft room I'm not sure I'm 100% sold.

Idea 3 - I really like this idea. I like that there are black flowers in between the colored ones, I like the diagonal pattern that the flowers make and I think that this could turn out to be a wicked craft room quilt too!

So now I guess its time to bite the bullet and make some choices. I would also really like to do a black and white baby sized blanket with super bright colors as a backing. So I'm not 100% sure where I'll starts. Perhaps I'll wait for my sister to get up and see what she thinks will be better! WAKE UP SIBLING!!! NOW! (Not that I am excited or anything!)

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