Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Slightly Slow Start

Today I got the pattern option picked out. I think Idea 3 is the winner. Then I went through all my fabric and picked out what I would like to use. I picked out the stuff I'm going to use for the black squares!
The bright blue will be paired with some new items from the store :) Those will be the colored flowers! Getting the Hexagon pattern was a bit of a pain. I thought that I could use my Cricut to cut out a hexagon only to find that all my cartridges don't have a hexagon. Then I thought about printing. But as I said before my printer wants no part of this craft activity. It's holding out until I refill its ink. Tracing was the best option. Right from the computer screen to a lovely white piece of paper. Yup I did it! Well not me. Mine turned out looking like a five year old on a sugar high tried to trace them. However my awesome sister was able to do it. Then to make her even more awesome she cut 5o of them out of "Freezer Paper" for me while I watched TV with the boyfriend. *Best sister ever* (She's the B in B.S. Crafts, which is really named for our Grandma, but it works out perfectly with our names too)

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