Friday, October 19, 2012

A Domestic Thursday

Once again I had so much to share and I forgot to blog! This Blogtoberfest challenge really is tough! Hopefully day I can do one for yesterday and one for today. :)
Yesterday I baked some Oh Henry squares from one of my grandma's recipes. It's delicious! Then I made some Zippy Pineapple chicken for dinner.
After the baking and while making dinner I started actually sewing my baby quilt! It's coming along really well! Aside from the seam ripping because I stitched the one block the same as its mirror image from the other side. Who knew an owl needed a left and a right wing.
So far I know I have to improve on my seam lining up but I'm sure in time with practice I'll be able to nail those suckers! (Please feel free to comment with hints and tips for making that happen!)

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