Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today already promises to be a good busy day! I went and met my sister down town once she was done work. Then I dragged to her this photo place so I could get some prints made from the LA Dodgers game that we went to in September. Its my anniversary tomorrow. I'm surprising LB with some good photos that I took and then I'll tell him that we get to take them and get them framed! Its a double gift really because its my art work and it'll be up on the wall and its his favorite baseball players! 

Obviously these are unedited and uncropped! The prints are wicked amazing! Well except one. I had one of Clayton Kershaw that was too fuzzy when blown up for I've sent in a few more so then LB can pick which one he wants framed! I'm so excited!!!
Then once I was home I did the dreaded house work (well I at least got a good start on what needs to be done! and then I didn't feel like doing anymore) Now I'm going to be going out to help my aunt finish up moving from her apartment to her townhouse! Its gonna be a nice afternoon.

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