Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Sew Blanket

I started and completed my no sew blanket today!! It's pretty awesome. I put a pic on Instagram and the baby's mommy liked it! Double win!
This is part of the awesome fabric shopping I did the other day before I went for a meeting at my Union Office.
On Saturday we celebrated out anniversary and LB wanted to watch a football game (and I wanted to wash my new bedding and do some crafting) so while he watched I started working on my no sew blanket. It was super fun and easy. As you can see my wee boy Jasper wanted to help out. He was an excellent weight and help the fabric in place while I cut. However I did have to move his super long tail a few times because I didn't want to accidently cut his tail.

By then end of the football game (Sadly LB's team did not win) I had my blanket complete. Now to take it with me to work tomorrow and give it to "3"'s mom! I know she likes it! I hope she's excited to get it. I also want to make another one for another mom that I know that loves to craft and has stitched the most adorable onsies for her little girl.

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