Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainbows and Great People

This morning when I was at work my sister texted me to ask "I'd heard about the rainbow thing?" When I said no she sent me a bit about the story and told me to check out facebook and get the rest of the information. So I did and here it is

Wish for: a little girl who is sick

I am helping a friend out and asking everyone to help out! Could everyone,
 including you big kids, draw a simple picture of a rainbow and mail it to Patricia Verhelst Box 355, Radville, SK S0C 2G0 by next week and she will send them all in together. There is a little girl in Saskatoon who is sick who wishes to get a rainbow from everyone in the world. Please write your name and where you are from on it. Lets make a wish come true if it was your child you would want that! Thanks everyone and please copy and paste this to help spread the word! She is 10 years old and her name is Maranda.

I was instantly involved and positive I wanted to do this. So I decided that I am going to stitch a rainbow on a pillow case and send it to her. And I had a LOT of my awesome coworkers draw rainbows (I actually keep a box of 64 crayola crayons at my desk!). Even the fellas joined in. A lot of them were more than happy to when I explained what they were for! 

Originally I was going to do my one flower Wednesday post today but this came up instead. So One Flower Wednesday will move to One Flower Thursday. I was also planning on working on my surprise baby gift for my friend but I'm sure she would agree that this deserves my attention today. Please also join and lets make this young girls wish come true!

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