Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogtoberfest! Starts

Being relatively new to Blogging I had no idea that there was so many things that happened between blogs. My step sister, The Purple Quiltapotamus, said that she was going to do Blogtoberfest. And I just happen to have a new project to start that could use a little motivation so I thought that I would join. See if I'm up for I Saw You Dancing's challenge! Challenge Accepted! 

New Project!
My friend is having a baby in December. It will be her third baby and Three is going to be the first girl. Poor thing with two older brothers. I wish her the best already. And I decided that I wanted to learn to quilt. (Please feel free to give advice! I look forward to it!) So I went to the book store Chapters yesterday. After getting a Latte and a snack I made my way to the crafting section and lucked out because the quilting was at floor level! I planted myself on  the floor and started pulling books! After about an hour I finally decided on one book! By Boo Davis!
Then I came home and flipped through checking out all the pictures and fought long and hard between the skull and the owl. This time the owl won out. After making notes to make the size adjustments (in my newly appointed stitching notebook, not in my book, don't be silly) I consulted a few people and the choice was clear. I'll keep the brown and change the green and blue to pink and purple! So a quick trip to the fabric store and raiding my previous fabric stash I'm ready to begin!

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