Friday, November 2, 2012

So Much To Say!

I've had some very very very exciting days lately! And I've been meaning to tell you all about them. However I keep getting caught up on other things. And then I am too tired to think about blogging and making sense.
I have some time right now because I am at the dentist waiting for LB to have his check up. It's a super exciting morning! I did bring some stitching with me and I hope to get a fair bit done today because after this I get to take the car in for its regular maintenance.
Back to the exciting news! I have become the proud owner of two new books! My sister sent me one from Calgary it's "Sunday Morning Quilts" and it is amazing!! There may have been a very exciting dance across the livingroom with the song "my book is here! my book is here! my book is here!" When it arrived. I love so many of the quilts in there! Super encouraging! Although I have promised to finish a few other projects before I start another one! I love all their suggestions for sorting and organizing your fabric! I look forward to my shelves I've asked LB to building for me!
I also ordered the book "Arise" by Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen! It's amazing what they've done to help others in Africa and America! I'm hoping it will inspire me to do some more giving and helping out.
I also got my sewing machine fixed!! That's super exciting news! And it was a very reasonable price.
My sister also sorted my stitching box. I've included pictures! Clearly it's come along way! I'll attach a picture of the current box right soon.
 Why is this sideways? 

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