Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Start Of Something New!

I am officially a serial crafter! I blow in craft it up and then start a new craft! It's a great cycle. It keeps me having fun and keeps me from being bored.
And generally I turn back and go finish a few projects. But today is the start of something new. It's my couch blanket. I've never really finished anything for myself but this past year I have started two things and I will have one before I turn 30.
After a few days of reading the instructions I finally clued in ! Now they seem awfully simple. But I the last two days I have cut and pieced unit 1A ad 1B! It's going to be a mystery to you guys! I'll try to post lots of pictures and info as I go! Then at the end I'll do a big reveal! The fun begins!

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