Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stitchy Tuesday

At least once a week I would like to do a post about Embroidery, hand embroidery, to be more specific. I really enjoy making things this way. I normally do things on pillowcases and tea towels for my Etsy site B.S. Crafts or for friends. I don't normally hang on to a lot of the things that I embroider but I do have some that friends have made for me.
This week I would like to share a project that I've been working on for a while. Mostly because I was slacking so they took me a lot longer than they should have. But I did finish them this weekend and I will be going to the post office with them later today.
My brother got married on December 31, 2012. So aside from the "Presentation" that we gave them I thought it would be nice to give them something embroidered. Now if you know my brother communication isn't his strongest skill. So I didn't have a lot of information about the wedding. Then he asked me to do a speech with my sister *K*. (WE KILLED IT!). So I tried to get more information about the wedding and the only thing that he would tell me was that there was a website with the information and that the wedding colors were "Peacock!"
So here's what I came up with

The feather picture was my reference point and the next picture was me getting started while I was on the airplane flying home after the wedding. 
 Side by side, you can see that the feathers are colored a little bit differently. But I actually really like how the heart turned out. I wasn't sure when I first started. I also have to thank my sister *B* and my niece for helping pick out the colors.
 Finished, washed, ironed and waiting to be packed up and shipped away!
Close up of one of the pillowcases. I hope they're loved in their new home!

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