Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quilting Sunday!

After finishing and delivering my Shattered Hooters quilt I seem to be really inspired! I have gotten to work on my Sherry Sometimes Quilt. It's from Material Obsessions 2 by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke. I love the pattern and I'm looking forward to trying the appliqué. This quilt will most likely find a home on my couch. Although if its anything like the Shattered Hooter I have a feeling my cat will be taking it as his own and be sleeping in it and on it as much as possible.
In other news! Suits is back on!!! Yay!!! I LOVE this show! Harvey Spector is my hero! I think everyone should watch this show!
I also had a nice night out with friends last night and by chance we ended up at Boston Pizza on UFC Night and I won a door prize. It's a UFC DVD. I think LB is pretty excited.
A bit of terrible news is yesterday LB got in a small car accident the other guy turned out of a parking lot right in front of LB. Our car has a hole in it. But everyone is okay. Now if only LB had stuck with me and gone to the tattoo parlor to find out about my new plans and tattoo! I can't wait till Thursday! That's when I have my actual appointment! Mark me 100% excited!

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