Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Book!

I think I am going to try to make a blog a month about one of the quilting books that I have gotten.
I love buying new quilting books. I find it helps me get new ideas for future Projects and it also helps me learn new things. As someone who hasn't taken a quilting class and is very green in the world of crafting.
I by no means know anything about writing a book or critiquing books. I just know what I like about books. So I'll tell you all those things. And who knows maybe you'll like the same things. Or see a book that you haven't seen before because I've learned that not all book stores are created equal... So that being said Here goes nothing!
This week I had an orthodontist appointment! (Less than a year left with these braces) I went to the book store there and found "Modern Patch Work" by Elizabeth Harrman! I love the Hexagon blanket on the cover to begin with. And it after a look through I loved the way she showed an idea for the back of the quilt and the different color options!
After reading through I love the instructions and her general color choices. I also really like the pictures in the book. They're interesting. They show off the quilts really well and let you see the amazing quilting.

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