Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cutting Machine!

Yesterday I spent the first part of my morning finishing sewing the strips together for Sherry Sometimes Blanket. Then I went to work cutting those strips into the correct measurements. Now I have tiny mountains of pieces all over my sewing desk and I have a few more strips to cut. It shouldn't be that long until I am all set to start sewing units! I just love that I get to say Units all the time.
I hope to get to the point where I am sewing blocks today but I'm not 100% sure that I will get that far. It might take me a while to sew all the pieces together. *Fingers Crossed*
I would also like to do some work on my Juggernaut Quilt! (Its for my cat, Jasper, who also answers to Juggers, Juggernaut, Jassy-Jas, House Leopard and a few other names). Its going to go into the "Man room" which is LB's answer to my craft room. Really not a lot happens in there. I don't think LB goes in there very often. But Jasper LOVES to sleep up there on the futon. The 3rd floor gets super warm here so he goes up there at night or during the day for his siestas! 
I found the pattern on Pinterest and its one from Moda Bake Shop. And my awesome sister The Purple Quiltapotamus sent me some scraps and a charm pack! Which made me even more excited to get started on that one. I'm also trying to be super patient and wait for my new rulers from Busy Bee Inc's Etsy Shop. It may kill me to wait! I'm hoping that they get here soon. I ordered the circle ones. I might have to go back and order a couple of the other shapes later!

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