Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Live & Candy Crush

I'm on days off, Today and Yesterday, however I am not getting a lot done. I've been sucked in to Candy Crush on Facebook and Live on Youtube! Before I know it I've been sitting at my desk for a an hour and a half. Yesterday I actually forgot that I threw clothes in the washer. (Thank god I don't live in an apartment! I would have found my clothes thrown some where in the laundry room this morning when I finally made it back to the washer to put switch to the dryer)

There is just something amazing about Ed's voice and the band as a whole! And on you tube you can find whole concerts! How could I walk away from 1:20 minutes with him? Thats right!?! I can't! Maybe after I can actually get up. Go get my clothes from the dryer and get out the door. I have mail to send and coffee to get at Starbucks, I have to go to the bank to put checks in. Thank you work for my bonus! It paid for a portion of my tattoo last week! Which I still 100% love this week! I love it even more when I see sunsets on TV. Like the one on Suits!
I've also been looking for a new show to watch on Netflix or to Download and watch! I get a lot more embroidery done when I have a show that I can watch while I stitch. Same with my EPP (Which has been mighty neglected lately)

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  1. Have you guys ever watched Fringe? Paul and I just got into it on nextflix and its fantastic!