Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brag Pictures!!!

 Outside was freezing! Like minus a billion and two freezing! I took a few photos and then I could no longer feel my finger to push the camera buttons. So I took some inside photos too!
 Holy we have snow here too! That is a snow drift in my backyard! Its giant! I cannot wait till spring. You can't see any traces of it from here but to the left of this snow drift is my garden.
 I love my rads when the heating is working like it should be! This one we touched up last year when I painted the living room. And then I got my electrical updated! Worst nightmare ever! Now I have giant holes in my walls that are going to be a pain in the ass to repair. Then I'll have to paint again!
 Hanging on the banister!
 The couch with the remote (you all see that I actually know where the remote was! That normally doesn't happen for me!)
Stairs! These are my cats favorite place to play! I encouraged him to go take a nap in my room while I took photos. Its not so hard when its so cold out. He likes to sleep on the third floor in the "man room"


  1. Looks awesome Sherry!!! I'm sure Jen will love it!!!

  2. Very cool! Love how you did the border. I got this book for Christmas and am dying to get started on one of the projects!